Online Coaching via TrainingPeaks

The starting point for most athletes is joining and training with a club or team; but if an athlete is seeking to qualify for higher levels of competition and/or qualifying for Provincial or National Teams then the athlete will also need to put in training time that is performed independently. The average athlete who is competing at the National level has at least 6,000 hrs of total accumulated training time; to achieve this level athletes need to be training at a minimum of 2 hrs consistently per day. Online coaching is the solution to help athletes achieve these targets. To learn more about the significance of total accumulated training time, see our webpage titled “6,000 Hrs Minimum” under ‘Training’ in the Main Menu. is an online platform where athletes have the opportunity to upload their training sessions (either manually or by sync’ing a device such as a heart rate monitor or bike computer) allowing their coach to remotely review, comment, and guide the athlete’s training as needed. Athletes are encouraged to start with a free basic account, and are provided an upgrade to a premium account with Level 2 and Level 3 Online Coaching. For parents, having your athlete encouraged to learn to train independently, becoming accountable for “their training homework” and at higher levels having their independent training monitored to ensure that they are indeed training healthy (i.e. in appropriate heart rate training zones, hence appropriate intensity and duration) will help ensure that your athlete is training smart, avoiding injury and setting themselves up to succeed in competition. Athletes & parents are encouraged to discuss this option with Coach Mark. Note that online coaching is available only as an add-on to group training.

Coaching Levels

Level 1
“Learn to Train”

Athletes who are learning how to train independently (1-2x/wk)

Designed for the athlete learning to train independently, learning to be accountable, learning to take ownership over their success

Level 2
“Training to Train”

Athletes who train independently 4x+/wk

Designed for the athlete training to training to compete with the goal of seeing consistent progress competition to competition

Level 3
“Training to Compete”

Athletes who train 15+hrs/wk in group & independent training settings

Designed for the athlete who is in pursuit of Provincial and National level competition/team qualification

Heart Rate Monitor not required but recommended

Using FREE/Basic TrainingPeaks Account

with Coach Mark


Heart Rate Monitor required

Upgrade to Premium TrainingPeaks included

with Coach Mark


Heart Rate Monitor required

Upgrade to Premium TrainingPeaks included

with Coach MJ


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jTOEST does not provide refunds due to the amount of work (in the background) that it takes to review training logs and to perform the necessary preparatory work ahead of consults. The commitment our coaches make to athletes will not be compromised by those who want to ‘test out’ services, or who want to change their minds at will; our desire is to coach and only coach athletes who are as committed to their goals as we are to them.