Our Programs


Teaching triathletes all four strokes, beginning with a lot of kicking and teaching proper form in the drills to build enough strength and aerobic capacity to last the full race distance. We teach all four strokes as each stroke compliments another stroke, for example Breaststroke allows and athlete to learn an early powerful catch that is needed in freestyle.

** To join athletes must be able to swim 25m unassisted **
** Must have googles **

Summer Swimming
Teaching athletes proper kicking and introducing the drills for all four strokes. The main focus being freestyle to gain enough strength and aerobic capacity to learn the other strokes.

Triathlon Training

drills nad technique on stat bikes

Teaching triathletes how to properly pace any run

Summer Triathlon Training

Teaching youth triathletes how to properly handle a bike through proper gear shifting, braking, shoulder checking and turning. These are the basic skills any triathlete needs in order to be safe on the road and have confidence to handle any situation.

Showing young triathletes how to properly pace a run and introducing them to drills and beginning to learn proper running technique.


Dryland is gym based strength training.  Triathletes hold proper form with low weight and high repetition.

Dryland is very important as it allows triathletes to build strength, flexibility and mobility outside of doing the sport. As we focus on proper drills and technique when doing the sport.