Front Crawl

Is a ‘survival style’ of swimming taught by Red Cross, LifeSaving Society, and YMCA ‘learn to swim’ programs with the specific focus on water safety: the goal is to prevent drownings by teaching how to “swim” short distances unassisted (e.g. to the side of a pool, or to a boat or platform in open water). The Front Crawl requires a low level of skill thus allowing it to be gained in a matter of hours. Teaching the Front Crawl also requires a low skill level, hence why it can be taught to Swim Instructors (aka Lifeguards) whose focus is primarily water safety and not performance in the sport of swimming. Learning to teach the Front Crawl requires a mere handful of hours in a Swim Instructor course.


Is a highly technical and complex pattern of movement intended for pursuing peak performance in the sports of competitive swimming, open water swimming and triathlon. Freestyle is a 3 dimensional pattern of movement involving the entire body in a series of highly coordinated and specific actions. The components of Freestyle are developed over hundreds of hours where the focus is on acquiring, developing and refining the posture, the positions and the techniques. Training begins with simple series of movement patterns and evolves in complexity as the level of skill integration increases and then accelerates in speed. Freestyle is taught by highly experienced individuals who are capable of identifying the individual needs of the athlete solving the challenges in their progression along the Freestyle learning curve.

Learning Freestyle starts with the 2 beat pattern, progressing to all 7 beat patterns.