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Multisport/Triathlon (Ages 9 – 17)

Bronze, Silver and Gold level training from 1x/wk to 4x/wk

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KELSO Mountain Bike (MTB) Race Series 2021

Its back! The Kelso MTB Race Series is back on Tuesdays from 2pm to 7pm, running in 8 person waves starting 10mins apart. We’ve been back at it hitting the new courses for the past few weeks. Results are available at the link below on the Kelso Conservation website. This year – due to Covid – the race series is unlike anything in the past. Instead of multiple laps and different laps for the various levels of racing, there is only 1 course and only 1 lap done. The lap is longer than usual, but since its a 1 lap race and all levels race the same course, its less technical. Hope to see you out there!

Click Here for the Kelso MTB Race Results

A complete listing of race results can be found under the ‘Results’ tab in the main menu