The SPORT level offers teens who completed our Learn2Swim program the opportunity to continue to train either 2x or 3x per week. Swimming once a week is sufficient when learning to swim, but to take your swimming to the next level requires more than just once a week. Training twice a week doesn’t simply add up to double the training: by being in the pool another time each and every week, athletes retain more and therefore improve more session to session. It is that improvement which athletes need in order to feel progress, to feel success and successful.

The SPORT level is also the appropriate re-starting point for teens who swam previously with a swim team, and after having taken a break are interested to get back in the pool but without the pressure of having to compete. With the focus being on going back to the basics (i.e. technique) athletes have the opportunity to fall back in love with the sport of swimming.

Link to the ‘Equipment‘ webpage for a list of recommended training tool(s).

Training Dates & Times:

Thursday @ Aldershot Pool (9:00-10:00 pm)
Friday @ Angela Coughlan Pool (8:30-9:30 pm)
Saturday @ Angela Coughlan Pool (11:30 am-12:30 pm)

Options & Fees:

2x / week – $410 (all in)
3x / week – $500 (all in)

Skills Training Session – Available as an Add On

Wednesday @ Tansley Pool (9:30-10:15 pm)
WED SESSION – $255 (all in)

Skills Training x 12 Sessions

Wednesday evenings are going to be special: with the session a bit shorter, we thought that maximizing this time would be utilized best if it was a skills training session.  There are three (3) options and interested athletes are asked to select one (1) option for the entire session duration. The options:

  • Open & Closed (Flip) Turns and Wall Push-Offs:  Coach Aimee will take a maximum of 6 athletes and work specifically on turns.  This option is designed for those athletes who are performing in-water starts at competition, and who want to take their training and racing to the next level.  Once you have the stroke basics for competition, the next opportunity to increase speed is turns. Dives happen once per event, turns… there is at least one in a 50m event, three in a 100m event, etc… Well executed turns offer the opportunity to take off loads of time without having to swim any faster!

  • Dive Starts (Pool Deck or Starting Block):  Coach Serena will take a maximum of 6 athletes and will prepare athletes to incorporate dive starts into both training and competition. Having dove with Gatquatic Diving, Serena has learnt and trained the drills that allow athletes to explode off the blocks with power, maximize flight time, and maintain the streamline posture needed to take the start speed into the water entry and all the way to the stroke break out.

  • 2 Beat:  Coach MJ will take a maximum of 6 athletes and will either start at the beginning or continue to work with the athlete on improving their execution of 2 Beat Backstroke & Freestyle swimming.

Dryland: Click Here to link to the website for training dates/times, location & fees.

Dryland Training fees are in addition to in pool training fees. Visit the TOETT Dryland webpage for registration and payment options.

Why do Dryland Training… Click Here to link to our Before & After Dryland Results page

STEP 1 : Register

Complete the form by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button

STEP 2 : Payment via Auto Deposit

etransfer email:

2x sessions / wk
(in full) or 2x $205

Due at registration and payment #2 prior to Jan 30

3x sessions / wk
$500 (in full) or 2x $250

Due at registration and payment #2 prior to Jan 30

STEP 2 : Payment via PayPal

2x/wk (payment of $410)

3x/wk (payment of $500)

Change quantity to 2 to make full Session payment

WED Skills Session ($255)

STEP 2 : Monthly by Cheque

4 Cheques Dated:
Mar, Apr, May & June 1st

Made out to: jTOEST

2x sessions / wk
Each for the amount of $102.50

3x sessions / wk
Each for the amount of $125.00

A separate cheque is required to cover the cost of the Wednesday Skills Session

Refund Policy:  jTOEST DOES NOT provide refunds. With programs focused on quality, on learning, on athlete’s making significant progress, hi athlete turnover rate would compromise coaching and the experience of all athletes. We ask that prior to registering that all commitments, calendars, etc… are reviewed to avoid joining when the risk is that the athlete will miss many sessions and/or the athlete will have to drop out. Once an athlete registers, they have a reserved spot in a lane for the entire duration of the program.