The SPORT level offers teens who completed our Learn2Swim program the opportunity to continue to progress in their technique and skill. The SPORT level is also the appropriate re-starting point for teens who swam previously with a swim team, and after having taken a break are interested to get back in the pool but without the pressure of having to compete. With the focus being on going back to the basics (i.e. technique) athletes have the opportunity to fall back in love with the sport of swimming.

Link to the ‘Equipment‘ webpage for a list of recommended training tool(s).

Training Dates & Times:

Thursday @ Aldershot Pool (9:00-10:00 pm)
Friday @ Centennial Pool (9:00-10:00 pm)
Saturday @ Tansley Pool (8:00 am-9:00 pm)

Options & Fees:

1x / week – Full Season $675 ($75/month)
2x / week – Full Season $1,125 ($125/month)

STEP 1 : Register

Complete the form by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button

Monthly fees have been grouped into 3 installments of 3 months and are payable as follows: (#1) at the time of registration, (#2) prior to Nov 15th, and (#3) prior to Feb 15th. Although training runs Sept-June (10months), due to the mid Sept start and the days off due to holidays, the total program cost was calculated across 9 months.

STEP 2 : Payment via Auto Deposit

etransfer email:

1x session/wk
3 installments of $225

2x sessions/wk
3 installments of $375

STEP 2 : Payment via PayPal

1x/wk (payment of $225)

2x/wk (payment of $375)

Change quantity to 3 to make full Session payment

Last years fees were split into two: Winter (Sep-Mar) & Spring (Mar-Jun) due to the change in pools and training times resulting from the closure of Angela Coughlan Pool for renovations. For comparison, total fees from last year when Winter & Spring are combined were $1,060 (2x/wk) and $625 (1x/wk). The increase in fees reflects both an increase in pool rental rates as well as administrative fees and the cost of new training tools, the head coach continues to volunteer his time on deck.

Refund Policy:  jTOEST DOES NOT provide refunds. With programs focused on quality, on learning, on athlete’s making significant progress, hi athlete turnover rate would compromise coaching and the experience of all athletes. We ask that prior to registering that all commitments, calendars, etc… are reviewed to avoid joining when the risk is that the athlete will miss many sessions and/or the athlete will have to drop out. Once an athlete registers, they have a reserved spot in a lane for the entire duration of the program.