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Similar to our Masters Kick2Start program our Junior program is designed for athletes who have completed the Learn2Swim program, or for athletes who have the basics of Freestyle (FR) and Butterfly (BK) technique, who want to continue learning and improving these strokes, who want to learn the basics of the Backstroke (BK) and want to develop the aerobic capacity to swim longer distances.

At the Kick2Start level the Breaststroke (BR) kick is introduced to set up the athlete to learn the full stroke at the Sport2Performance level. BR is the most technical of all four strokes as it has unique movement patterns and also requires a high level of coordination; this is why we save it for last.

Junior Masters and Masters train together starting at the Kick2Start level allowing entire families to swim and be together in the pool simultaneously.

Training Dates & Times:

Training Options & Fees (JANUARY start):

  • 1x / week – $350 (all in)

  • 2x / week – $550 (all in)

  • 3x / week – $650 (all in)

  • 4x / week – $750 (all in)

  • Contact aimee@toest.ca to make PayPal payments for 2-4x/wk

Link to the ‘Equipment‘ webpage for a list of recommended training tool(s).


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 $420 (all in) for 1x/wk for SEP-MAY

(1st payment & 2nd payment of $210)

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STEP 2 : Pay via PayPal (JAN start)

$350 (all in) for 1x/wk for JAN-MAY

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REFUND POLICY: Prior to any program filling up or 2 weeks prior to the start of a program which is not full, TOEST will provide a full refund.

Otherwise, TOEST does not provide refunds because programs are capped in size, and once an athlete registers that spot is no longer available.

There is another reason we added a Junior Kick2Start program…

After having age group (i.e junior) athletes from local swim clubs train with jTOEST during the summer, and subsequently switch to jTOEST we realized that local swim clubs are in fact NOT teaching proper technique. Some of the age group swimmers despite “training” 3+ years with these clubs:

  • Do not have the basics of any of the strokes, not even Freestyle (FR), have no idea what a 2beat or 6beat kick is, have no idea how to link the pull to the kick, nor how to modulate either to match technique to specific training or racing distances.

  • Do not have the basics of either dive start, and have significant difficulty with their turns & push-offs.

  • Missing fundamentals, these athletes are nonetheless racing routinely at swim meets, only to be frequently DQ’d (i.e. disqualified) as a result of their inadequate technique. They race almost exclusively short distance (50 & 100m) events, rarely any event 200m or longer because they do not swim anything longer in training sessions.

A Junior Kick2Start program is needed because this is what passes as “swim coaching” at local swim clubs.

The result is that age group swimmers coming to jTOEST from local swim clubs – despite believing they know how to swim, despite their parents believing their children know how to swim after years of being with a club (and after paying thousands upon thousands of dollars figuring its going to proper instruction) – do not know how to swim.

Thrash about in the water, yes, that they know.  Swim with proper technique, with precision, with refined control… no.

A Junior Kick2Start program is needed because many of these athletes need to start all over, from the beginning, with proper instruction, and training in all five (5) strokes (i.e. including the UDK – Under Water Kick).

For these athletes, training with jTOEST comes as a shock… with 3-4 athletes in a lane (not 5 to 11!) hence a low athlete to coach ratio, means athletes receive 1:1 time for stroke instruction & correction. By eliminating meets – temporarily – from the schedule, thus removing inappropriate performance expectations from athletes who do not have the technique, the tactics, the strategies to compete… the pressure comes off, and with that these athletes begin to lose their anxieties, doubts, fears, and start to swim as swimming is meant to be done… for the love of moving, for the love of water, for the love of the sport.  Once the love is regained, rapid progress is never far behind.

As a parent ask yourself what do you want your child to gain from swimming? To become obsessed with medals and ribbons, or to develop skills, gain experience and strategies applicable to life outside of sport? One of these you will find at jTOEST, the other at the other local swim clubs.