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Starting Summer 2018

Looking for swimming lessons in your own backyard pool?

Looking for a lifeguard for a private backyard pool party this summer?

jTOEST Swim Coach Mark has started his own business offering swim instruction/coaching and lifeguarding services.

Visit Mark’s website or contact mark@toest.ca

Click on the image to link to the YOURLIFEGUARD.ca webpage

Programs for Ages 6-8 and 8-12
jTOEST Juniors
Held at Cedar Springs Health, Racquet & Sportclub

Programs for Ages 13+
jTOEST Junior Masters

Contact aimee@toest.ca for Junior Master program info

Click on The Olympian Experience Swim Team (TOEST) banner for Masters (18+) swim, triathlon/open water, and summer programs.

“Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of yours.”

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The Olympian Experience Philosophy

When children have fun, they learn. When children learn, they improve. When children improve, they enjoy success. When children enjoy success, they gain confidence. When children are confident, well… what more would you want as a parent than a child who is thriving as a result of enjoying themselves, learning, improving, succeeding, a child who is gaining confidence in their potential?

Why is the focus at jTOEST first and foremost fun, with everything else second?

When children are comfortable, when they are encouraged to play, to experiment, to have fun, they make incredible gains.  Its when success, results, performance are placed as initial and immediate expectations that problems arise.

The ‘adultification’ of organized youth sport – as in the pursuit of results, times, peak performance & podiums – before all else is ruining sport for children.

Performance – as in healthy performance – arises only as a result of children being encouraged to play, to have fun, to learn how to move, how to control their body, hence the thoughts their brains create.

Early Sport Specialization Eroding Youth Sport
The Burnout Factor
Late Specialization Is Recommended For Most Sports

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