Athletes 6 – 12 Years Old / Juniors

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Athletes 13 – 17 Years / Junior Masters

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Trisport Guelph Lake II Triathlon 

Try A Tri / Super Sprint Triathlon recap

Juan opted for a wetsuit for the swim, Gabe didn’t. Juan came into T1 ahead of Gabe by 25secs, but probably because of the time it took to take off the wetsuit Gabe was able to get out of T1 ahead. With their spread in bike splits being less than 7secs, the importance of transition efficiency came into play as Gabe was speedier – in T2 – opening up the gap with Juan to over 40secs. With run splits being less than 5secs apart, Gabe held his lead into the finish to take 2nd in U19M category (i.e. Men under 19 years of age) and Juan came in right behind to take 3rd.  Great friends can be both great training partners as well as great competition, its just a matter of perspective. Congrats on your races.

Sprint Triathlon recap

Serena was challenged by her parents to take on for the first time ever the Sprint distance, but not just any sprint as Guelph II has a 30km bike instead of the typical 20km and a 7km run instead of 5km. As parents we weren’t concerned in the least knowing the volume of training and racing experience Serena has acquired over the years, but understandably the event was intimidating nonetheless. Serena shared that once she hit the turnaround of the run (@ 3.5km) then everything loosened up and she felt great knowing the finish line was close. Serena finished in 2nd place in the U19W category.